Certificate II and III in Creative Industries (Media)

These courses are about jumping right in and making cool videos, photographs and radio shows that our students have creative control over. Less talk and chalk, more project based learning. Less exams and tests and more competency focuses assessment.

Accredited by Melbourne Polytechnic these film and radio courses are tailored to young people interested in media who may have experienced homelessness or educational disadvantage. Running from Monday to Wednesday during the school term, students can remain with the course for up to 18 months with the potential to move into industry traineeships upon completion.

The curriculum is focused on video production, radio broadcasting and photography. All students participate in presenting a weekly radio show for SYN Radiostrong>. As well as radio, students work on individual film and photography projects gaining hands on experience of media creation. All courses are classified as fulltime, all fees are subsidised and enrolments are ongoing throughout the year.

All of the projects are designed to give students practical, hands on experience and will cover these core aspects of media creation:

Certificate I in Creative Industries (Media)

CERT I is currently under review, please check back for here for details and updates to come.

Certificate II in Creative Industries (Media)

The Certificate II course is for those students who have completed the Certificate I or who already have some experience in creating film and radio content.

The projects in the Certificate II course are more varied in subject matter and approach with students expected to be more proactive in content creation and direction of their individual projects.

The projects for Certificate II include (but are not limited to):
* Documentary – Students create a substantial documentary on a topic of their choice. It is expected that this documentary will run for between 5 – 10 minutes in length and will demonstrate their improving knowledge of film creation.

* Photography Project – Students are given a list of themes to choose from and then encouraged to create a series of photos exploring their theme.

* Music Video – This project involves creating a music video from scratch based on original music material created by students using the sound recording booth onsite.

* Scene Re-shoot – Students recreate a scene from a well-known movie of their choice. This project is designed to encourage critical thinking about scene setting and shot choice.

Certificate III in Creative Industries (Media)

This course is designed for those students who have completed Certificate II or who have a substantial amount of experience in film and radio content creation.

The Certificate III suits students who have decided that a future in Media is their goal. The expectations on students in this course are higher and they are encouraged to be more self-directed – and work with a more mature mindset – than in the previous courses.

The projects in the Certificate III course are similar in content as the Certificate II but are expected to be of a higher standard. As well as the project options from Certificate II students also have other project options available to them.

* Short Film – Students can create and shoot their own short film. They will be involved in all aspects of film creation from concept development, script writing, project meetings, casting, directing, editing and final production and presentation.

* Promotion Package – This project is for those students with displayed skills in music creation and involves producing a promotion package for an EP of music that they will create (generally 4 – 5 songs). The package will include a music video, an EP of their tracks, CD cover design, and a poster as well as artist information.

* Youthworx Productions – Students in Certificate III will be asked from time to time to assist with shoots with the professional production arm of Youthworx. This might typically include going to location with a crew to film community events and creating docos and advertising material for a number of outside organisations within the not-for-profit sector.

To discuss study options please contact our Youth Worker Nicola Innes:
email. nicola.innes@youthworx.org.au
ph. 0410 859 800