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Research and development is an important aspect of Youthworx Media. CCI researchers at the Institute for Social Research, Swinburne University, are involved in a longitudinal study of Youthworx Media to document and analyse a wide range of processes and practices involved in working with youth with complex needs. The research is interdisciplinary, bringing together social, education and media studies to understand interconnections between creative industries and social development.

The research has been structured into two stages of work over the five years of the project. The core emphasis within the research stage I (2005-2009) was placed on ethnographic study conducted at the Youthworx Media studio in Brunswick, which included regular participant observations, focus groups, in-depth one-on-one semi-structured interviews and conversations with students and staff. This has offered important information about:

YWX research stage II builds on these discoveries but expands the conceptual framework underpinning the model to include international comparisons with similar initiatives in Australia but also in Asia and the US.

YWX research team

Prof. Denise Meredyth
Prof. Julian Thomas
Ass/Prof. David MacKenzie
Dr Aneta Podkalicka – email: apodkalicka@swin.edu.au

Affiliated researchers

Dr Ellie Rennie
Chris Wilson
Jon Staley

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